"I had no idea how much I could love my home until Megan helped me transform my living room and master bedroom and bath. I was not even convinced I needed help at the beginning, but by the end I was absolutely wowed at results that wildly exceeded my expectations and my imagination. The rooms reflect our style and taste, but in ways we simply did not have the training or vision (let alone time!) to imagine or create. Her services feel like an enormous bargain given the joy they bring to me and my family on a daily basis, and the enormous work she put into the multitude of details throughout."


"She has a great sense of space and eye for color, as well as fantastic taste that she is somehow able to meld with our own. Every single day I look forward to returning to my house thanks, in part, to Megan’s talents."


Sarah Hemphill
Newton, Massachusetts
"I had no prior experience working with an Interior Designer and no strong sense of what I really wanted, rather, only what I did not want. Megan was patient and spent time getting to know and understand our family's living patterns and preferences. She helped us define our style and challenged us to consider options that would never have occurred to me."


"I wanted our home to be warm, inviting and comfortable for family and friends alike. It is often complimented using these same adjectives; the selections of colors, furnishings and room layouts all influence this. We are immensely pleased with the results. She was easy to work with and I would repeat all the same decisions again today."


Kathy Skillman
Duxbury, Massachusetts

"Our family has worked with Megan since 2008 on three different phases of our home makeover.  She is easy and fun to work with. We are very happy with her design vision which has resulted in the beautiful home she has helped us create."


"Beyond the impressive visual impact  and refreshing furnishings, Megan's reconfiguration of the first floor layout has our family (including two teenagers) eating and spending more time together within our new spaces."


"Megan's high level of professionalism, design expertise and client engagement offers her clients an Interior Designer who will work endlessly on their behalf to create not only a well-composed decor that goes beyond clients' expectations, but also living spaces that are inviting and functional for all family members."


Aimee Phipps
Sudbury, Massachusetts